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Autoimmune disease are caused by an abnormal immune response of the body against substances and tissues normally present in the body...
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Have you been trying to loose weight ? There are thousands of programs, centers & medicines in the market...
It's very ancient and non invasive diagnostic tool to examine the body and find any imbalance of the body...
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The Sharma Ayurvedic Clinic
The Sharma Clinic was founded 100 years back by Shri Khubilal Sharma born in Rajasthan Shri Khubilalji Sharma started his Ayurvedic clinic in Ahmedabad, Gujarat in 1916 Rajvaidya Bhawanishanker Paneri joined the clinic in 1948. The current director of Sharma Clinic is Dr. Mukesh Bhawanishanker Paneri and Dr.Ravi Paneri at Sharma Clinic we have developed a unique approach in practice embracing 5,000 years old and oldest medical science on earth known as Ayurveda.

Dr.Paneri has built world wide reputation for offering exceptional expertise in field of Ayurveda. Dr. Paneri is known globally and eminent choice of many of world`s top medial professionals, artists and renown personalities. Today Sharma Clinic has 5 generation of Ayurveda lineage. We are making our own formulas and herbs are self processed and prepared At Sharma Clinic for well being of ones we specialise in treating wide range of illnesses.

Whatever your goal, the clinic offers everything you may need under one roof. Our aim is to help you rediscover your health by using the oldest medical science with the most modern approach.

Alopecia ( Hairfall )

Hi, My daughter Moksha suddenly started losing hair in a big spots in scalp area. We were very scared. We got reference of Dr Ravi Paneri

Weight Loss

I have lost nearly 11 kgs of weight and still reducing. Thank you.